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‘Osoaa’ is a Basque word, which means ‘Complete’. Osoaa is the innovation of the entrepreneurs, who are fervent in their work towards doing their bit for the greater good of a healthy and happy future for mankind. We see the world around us tainted with adulteration and chemicals that are lethal to consume. We’re determined to bring to you a range of products that are natural and unadulterated. Intending to free you of any worry about yourself or your loved ones when you consume a product, we strictly adhere to the policy of "We sell what we can consume ourselves". We are your Trusted Wellness Partner in safely attaining your fitness goals and a hale and hearty lifestyle. We strive to bring to you…an untainted world.

We are proud to tell you that we have a comprehensive range of nutrition and wellness products available for delivery all over India and we have a 98% repeat purchase record. We only use scientifically researched imported ingredients and maintain a stringent quality control with all our products. Our products have the best-in-class taste and are proven to give the best results. With our fully disclosed label, you can see each and every ingredient and its information like never before. We boast of completely natural ingredients and no adulteration while also maintaining that our products won’t have any kind of side effects. If you want a lifestyle enriched with fitness, wellness and nutrition, Osoaa is your trusted partner.

Osoaa - A journey of wellness


To help people attain their highest level of health through educating our consumers about the importance of healthy choices, motivating them to eat and work-out appropriately and support them on their fitness journeys through a holistic lifestyle change, using our complete range of pure and high-quality wellness and nutrition products.



We believe that the end and the beginning of each product lies in its unadulterated purity.


We are driven to ensure there is no compromise on taste, in favour of health.


To us, trust is not just a word. It is the relation between us and each of our customers.


There is a way for everyone to get fitter and we are here to help you find it.


We place our customers at the beginning of each endeavour and at the end of each result that we create.


Bring to our customers, the best quality products with ingredients that we believe in consuming, ourselves.


Aligned to the “Fit India Movement” initiated and propagated by PM Narendra Modi through, we envision and strive to work towards a world that’s free of lifestyle diseases. We intend to bring about this change in paradigm by encouraging our customers to make better informed nutritional choices, eat healthy and also ensure a healthy lifestyle through daily physical activity for themselves and their loved ones.

Osoaa - A journey of wellness


Osoaa was intellectualized as a result of the recognition of the lack of pure and high-quality products in the wellness and nutrition sector in India. Our ardor for Osoaa started with the aim to bridge the gap between the dietary deficiency we saw our loved ones face and the availability of wholesome, nutritious and natural products that people can trust. We strictly adhere to the policy of "We sell what we can consume ourselves". While the health and wellness segment in India is governed by foreign brands and an unfortunate number of counterfeit products, what made us raise our eyebrows in alarm were the products that were used in them- Banned Substances!

With most available options being a cause for concern and their probability of having terrible repercussions in the long run, we decided that OSOAA is and will always be committed to delivering pure, wholesome and nutritious products to our consumers, which helps them stay healthy and meet their fitness goals. We are your Trusted Wellness Partner in attaining your fitness goals along with a hale and hearty lifestyle.