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Ultimate ISO Whey

Each one of us are responsible for what goes into our bodies and how it impacts our health in the long term. Do you ask for lab test reports, and how often do you get them?
OSOAA is the only brand that provides 100% Batchwise Lab Test Reports, ensuring transparency and safety. Our protein is rigorously tested by NABL accredited lab for Protein content, Aflatoxins, Heavy Metals, and Pesticides. Simply scan the QR code on the label to access these reports. We guarantee 100% money back if the protein content falls short of our label claims.


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Safest Creatine Monohydrate Creapure®

The only Certified Safe Creatine Monohydrate by IFS FOOD, a quality standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Enter the QS Code (19AY04) mentioned on the pouch to find OSOAA as the recommended authorised Indian retailer at www.creapure.com (Germany)

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pH-Life, Health in every Drop

The water you drink including your regular Ro water is devoid of minerals giving it low ph-Value. Alkalize your water in the most convenient and pocket friendly way and experience the magic of good health:
• Neutralize Acid in Blood Stream
• Say No to Acid Reflux, Burping & Bloating
• Supports Digestive & Gut Health
• Directly impacts Bone, Dental & Brain Health
• Helps Detoxify & Maintain Electrolyte Balance
• Helps Prevent Virus & Bacteria Growth

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Vitamin D3+B12+K2 (Vitashine™)

The only vegetarian source of Vitamin D3 registered with the World's Vegan & Vegetarian Society. Vitashine Vitamin D3 is extracted from organically (no pesticides) grown Lichen. Ensures you receive the essential nutrients without compromising on your dietary choices. To find out more about Vitashine click on the following link: https://protecnutra.com/downloads/vitashine_brochure.pdf

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  • Goutamdev Mohanty (Celebrity Fitness Coach) - Bangalore

    As a fitness professional, the quality of the supplements I consume is paramount to my performance and overall health. That's why when I discovered OSOAA's whey protein a few months go.Since then, it has become an integral part of my daily nutritional plan, for several compelling reasons like Detailed nutritional labelling, easy mixing, perfect sweetness & zero bloating.

  • Kanishka Panday (Fitness Trainer) - Pune

    Cafe mocha to badiya hai hi but for me Mango is better than any protein that i have had in my entire life. Sounds like an over statement but TRUE! Not kind words to be honest, the truth it's difficult to get the taste right most of the times with protein✌🏻✌🏻

  • Vikas Khodake (National Athlete) - Kohlapur

    "A Game-Changer for My Fitness Journey"
    I recently came across OSOAA Supplement and decided to give their products a try. With a wide range of supplements targeting various health goals, I was intrigued by their offerings.
    My Personal Experience I've been using OSOAA Supplement Brand protein powder for the past three months, and I must say, it has made a significant impact on my fitness journey.

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