Protein Paan-Shots for that weekend party

Protein Paan-Shots for that weekend party

From using Paan leaves or betel leaves for religious ceremonies to eating it in the form of ‘paan’, Betel leaves have been admired for its endless remedial and healing health benefits. The leaves are enriched with vitamins like vitamin-C, thiamine, and carotene and are a great source of calcium.


Combining raw whey protein with mighty paan leaves adds value to taste and nutritive value. A serving of paan shot has 35 g protein and 299 calories.


To prepare Paan Shots, puree all the ingredients, until smooth:




1 level scoop Osoaa’s Whey Protein Isolate Powder


1 spoon organic honey


Water – as per consistency


1 spoon chia seeds (For garnishing)


Cardamom- To flavor


Rose petal and ice cubes (For garnishing)


5 Paan leaves(minced)


250 ml milk


Paan Shots is an awfully captivating and easy-to-prepare recipe with an additional health benefit of betel leaves that provide soothing and cooling effect to the digestive system.




Paan shots can be diluted with more or less water/milk, depending upon the personalized choice of consistency.
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