What Are The Benefits Of Taking Protein Supplements

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Protein Supplements

Sanchita Jindal, Founder at OSOAA, talks on why women should have protein supplements and how they help us.

A large percentage of women suffer from protein deficiency in the country. A survey conducted by a leading organisation revealed that over 70% of the women were not aware of the foods that contain protein. Sanchita Jindal; Founder at OSOAA says that this could be an alarming fact that would question the health of the nation. Women play a vital role in the upliftment of the family and society and enabling women enables families. They are instrumental in sustaining a healthy household and also shaping the future of the next generation. Protein deficiency in women would not only cause health disorders in them but also disrupt the social ecosystem.

This study identified various vital factors attributed to this deficit in multiple parts of the country and different age groups. Experts express their opinion that food might be not adequate to provide the requisite quantity of protein especially for vegetarians. They require protein supplements to compensate for the amount that cannot be acquired through food. Indian companies have launched quality products at affordable costs for the benefit of consumers.

This could be a blessing for the women who need the additional strength to balance their busy and hectic schedules. Though most people might know about it, here is the list of benefits that women can get from protein supplements,

by Sanchita Jindal:


Women lose considerable strength and stamina during pregnancy, breastfeeding and during other activities. The protein helps them to replenish this lost energy and assists in maintaining a healthy life. Consumption of protein supplements is the ideal way to gain this reserve strength. 


Though it might sound discriminatory, women cannot afford to get sick. They have multiple responsibilities in their personal and professional lives. The protein supplement plays a critical role in developing antibodies that enhance the immunity of the body. 


Digestive problems can lead to many disorders in the body. Women are more susceptible to this illness due to unhealthy food habits and stress. The protein supplement keeps these issues away. 


Women undergo hormonal imbalance during their menstrual cycle. This imbalance is amplified during menopause because the hormones are all over the place. The protein supplements can be instrumental in regulating the hormones and helping them to manage this phase. 


All women want their skin to be soft and wrinkle-free. Collagen, the women’s best friend in maintaining the skin structure is dependent on protein. The protein supplements provide the necessary twenty amino acids that are responsible for the production of collagen.


Protein supplements play a significant role in maintaining the health of the hair. It avoids dryness and dullness of the hair. It also plays an indispensable role in the development of new follicles post hair loss.


People tend to confuse tiredness with hunger. This leads to excessive calories in the body. Protein supplements can help women to lose weight by boosting metabolism, maintaining muscle mass and regulating the hunger cycles.

It is natural for people to mistrust them for artificial products as most of them are loaded with banned harmful substances. They prefer to maintain their health in a natural way rather than complicating it through man-made products. Consumers are exposed to multiple information regarding the side effects of these items.

The fake and counterfeit products in the fitness supplement market have added validation to this fear. However, the new regulations levied by authorities have forced companies to take a hard look at their formulations. Leading companies have opted to choose the natural way through which the products are developed with minimal to no chemical components. All the protein and wellness supplements are subjected to multiple testing processes before they are launched in the market. This makes the products highly safe and effective for consumers.

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