Things you probably didn’t know about energy drinks

Things you probably didn’t know about energy drinks

It sure is tempting to reach for a drink that promises to put a pep in your step. But are energy drinks the healthiest way to do that?

Are energy drinks healthy? NO. they have zero health benefits. What they do have is large amounts o caffeine and sugar. Drinking too much caffeine can raise your heart rate  and blood pressure, and cause insomnia and anxiety. Drinking them over a long period of time can raise your risk for heart diseases. Consuming too much sugar can make you gain weight and put you at a risk for diabetes.

Is it okay to mix alcohol and energy drinks? No way. This combo may be trendy but it is no way safe. The caffeine in energy drinks masks the effects of alcohol, so you may think you are sober even when you’re not. That can lead to risky actions, like drunk driving or being harshly honest to people’s faces, just kidding about the second one :P 

This combo also makes you drink more. People who mix the two are more likely to binge-drink. To explain the seriousness of this situation, I will draw a parallel for you to understand better. Suppose you’re a Casanova, wanted by many ladies. You score a girlfriend. Everything’s going good. Then another girl expresses her interest in you. Now I’ll put the same question in front of you. Is it okay to have A and B as your girlfriend? No way. This may be trendy. Most of your friends may be doing the same thing but it is in no way safe. What if one of them finds out? You’re dead. You may think it’s not a big deal at that moment but you’ll later realize that it was a rash stupid decision you made. In the same way, it is not wise to mix alcohol and energy drink. I hope you got the gist. 

Energy drinks are drinks that contain ingredients advertised to increase mental performance and energy. Nearly all energy drinks contain the ingredient caffeine to stimulate brain function and increase concentration and alertness. However, the quantity of caffeine differs from product to product. 

How do energy drinks impact your body?

Energy drinks are jam-packed with caffeine and sugar, both of which can get your body moving temporarily. It’s all the other things that happen once you drink an energy drink that you should worry about. Energy drinks can:

Increase blood pressure

Impact your sleep

Cause weight gain

Increase your risk for irregular heart rhythms

Cause tooth decay

Increase diabetes risk

Cause kidney damage

Contribute to substance abuse problems

Contribute to mental health problems

What to do instead?

The temporary benefits of drinking an energy drink is not even nearly enough to outweigh the long-term health problems. So, what to do instead? It’s not as tough as it may look to feel energized and good all day. 

Scrap out artificial energy boosters. they may offer you a fast up, but it'll be followed by a hard down. 

  • Drink lots of water. It’ll help clear all the toxins and keep your body running the best it can.
  • Get a lot of sleep. Most of the time you’re looking for an energy boost, you probably should concentrate on getting more sleep.
  • Establish a daily sleep schedule. Once you begin sleeping better, you’ll soon notice that you feel better.
  • Exercise regularly. When starting an exercise regimen, you’ll feel drained in the beginning. If you keep on with it, you’ll gradually build up stamina and strength which will help you get through your day.
  • Eat nutritious foods. Stop hogging on soda and chips. Eat more fresh foods. Limit consumption of added sugars. Once you eat well, your body will feel well. It’ll also help you feel more energized. 

Energy drinks promise that you’ll feel great and energized. Unfortunately, energy drinks also accompany an assortment of potential health problems. rather than subjecting your body to a spread of illnesses, concentrate on treating your body the best you can with improved sleep and nutrition. You’ll feel better, and you’ll have less days where you'll desire you need something just to make it through the afternoon.

But what if we told you that there IS one energy drink that you can in fact consume as it’s healthy for you. One which does more good than bad. One you can consume without any worry in the world. And in fact, it is one which will help you in your fitness journey. You no more have to look away from energy drinks when you’re training. 

Osoaa brings to you its energy drink which is superior to all the others of its kind. The Osoaa ED Instant Energy Drink 1kg comes with L-Glutamine, Minerals & Electrolytes Blend. 

What does L-Glutamine mean? 

L-Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy digestive tract. This amino acid which is actually the most abundant amino acid in the body heals all tissue in the body, especially those irritated tissues in the digestive tract. It is also known as the calming amino acid as it’s very effective at reducing anxiety, as well as sugar and alcohol cravings.

Osoaa Glutamine


What does the electrolyte blend refer to?

When we workout and exercise, our body loses electrolytes in the form of sweat. To regain those lost electrolytes, it is recommended to drink electrolyte-enhanced drinks over regular drinking water while exercising. This will help improve your heart, brain, muscle, and nervous system function. A good balance of electrolytes isn’t just important for those playing sports. We need electrolytes in our bodies to do everything: walk, breathe, even think! Without electrolytes in our brains, our nerve cells don’t communicate very well.

Each Serve offers 18g dextrose provides energy for physiological processes such as respiration, heart rhythm and the regulation of body temperature. 200mg glutamine improves metabolism, faster recovery and minimize muscle loss.

Thus, switch to Osoaa Energy Drink for all your energy boosting needs as it is a better and healthier substitute for the energy drinks that contain caffeine and sugar and are detrimental to health. 

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