Know All About Whey Protein And Its Health Benefits

Know All About Whey Protein And Its Health Benefits

Whey protein is considered one amongst the primary proteins found in dairy products. Though a result of the cheese-making process, it's considered a high-quality protein because it contains all the nine sorts of amino acids needed by our body to carry out the functions that proteins perform within the body. Aside from this, it's also ‘whey’ easier to digest by the body, light on the stomach, absorbed well and cheaper to acquire too.


The three main kinds of whey protein are:

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC):
The amount of protein in this type ranges from 25-89% with the remainder of the product consisting of minerals, fat, lactose and moisture.


Whey Protein Isolate (WPI):
It's the purest sort of whey protein, this type contains zero lactose, low fat content and is 90-95% protein.


Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH):
Commonly used in medical nutrition and medical nutrition, this sort of whey is more easily absorbed and contains 80-90% protein content.


There are 7 major health benefits of whey protein that everybody should know about:



1) Strengthens and enhances the body's antioxidant function
Antioxidants are a crucial constituent within the body which fight off toxins, oxidate stress and promote growth and regeneration. Of all, glutathione is the most important antioxidant we need
Now, glutathione, unlike any other antioxidants is formed naturally by the body- which is only possible once we absorb all amino acids through adequate protein consumption. Thus, regular consumption of whey protein may benefit glutathione production and strengthen antioxidant functions within the body. Antioxidants also help keep infections at bay, repel diseases and eliminate harmful free radicals from spreading within the body. they're beneficial for the skin and hair too.


Strengthens and enhances the body's antioxidant function

2) Helps in weight loss and eliminates toxins
For any health-conscious person, it is vital to incorporate proteins in his or her diet. Whey protein can help in promoting fat loss. Eating whey protein can help fulfil your weight loss goal by encouraging satiety, which in turn, can cut down on your calorie intake. Apart from this, whey protein can also boost your metabolism, which can result in a healthy weight and also maintains muscle mass after you lose weight. Proteins also serve an extra advantage of acting down on toxins, helping in elimination as well. Therefore, it’s always recommended to incorporate some sort of protein in your diet.


3) Regulates blood sugar levels
For diabetics, scaling down on carbs and including more protein is one of the ways to manage diabetes. Inclusion of whey protein in the diet, according to studies, can help moderate blood glucose levels within the body, by increasing insulin levels and its sensitivity too. It's also been seen that whey protein carries the foremost benefits for diabetics, as compared to other forms of protein, like non-vegetarian and poultry products.
Having whey protein alongside a carb-based diet has shown impressive results in stabilizing blood glucose levels for diabetes patients as well those without the comorbidity. Make sure that you supplement your diet with this rich protein source to treat and manage the condition within the end of the day.



4) Helps promote muscle growth within the body


Not only for athletes and bodybuilders, protein supplementation can benefit declining muscle growth. Muscle mass, which usually starts to decline with age can also cause fat accumulation and at the same time, raises the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.


5) Fight off Diseases


Chronic high blood pressure can cause a heart condition. It's believed that ACE-inhibitors found in dairy products are conducive to healthy blood pressure. Lactokinins are the ACE-inhibitors found in whey protein. When whey protein is consumed on a daily basis, blood pressure tends to cut back in people who experience high blood pressure. Results are found to be more dramatic in overweight individuals.


6) May Promote Satiety and Weight Loss


Satiety is a term used to describe the feeling of fullness we experience after eating a meal. It's the opposite of appetite and hunger, and should suppress cravings for food and the desire to eat. Some foods are more satiating than others, an impression which is partly mediated by their macronutrient (protein, carb, fat) composition.


Protein is beyond a doubt the most filling of the three macronutrients. However, not all proteins have the same effect on satiety. Whey protein appears to be more quenching than other sorts of protein, like casein and soy. These properties make it particularly useful for those who need to eat fewer calories and lose weight.



7) Contains All Essential Amino Acids
Of the 20 amino acids that make up all proteins, nine are considered "essential." This implies that the body can't produce them on its own and must get them through food. As a dairy product, whey protein powder upholds the protein badge of honor: It contains all nine essential acids. Getting enough of these on a regular basis helps repair and build tissue, create hormones, and maintain neurotransmitters.


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