Is Your Mass Gainer Really Working?

Is Your Mass Gainer Really Working?

Toned abs. Strong limbs. An even stronger core. The list to becoming the fittest version of ourselves can seem like a dream to a lot of us; but for those of us who put in the work, we know that muscle growth and gaining mass is not easily unachievable at all! From strict diets to intense workouts, there are plenty of solutions available for gaining muscle – but one gray area a lot of us, that want to gain weight to reach their fitness goals, struggle with to this day is: Mass Gainers. Are you doing it right?

Here are seven essential things to consider when it comes to choosing the right mass gainer for you or recognizing if your existing mass gainer is showing you results.


Before anything else, it is important to understand the goal you are working towards. As we always say, fitness is an ongoing journey, more than a destination. This is why, once you identify the specific goals you are aiming to achieve, you can choose the perfect mass gainer and protein supplement to suit your needs.


Once you have identified your goals: whether it is simply gaining weight, building body muscle mass or increasing your muscle strength, the next important step is to analyze your current dietary habits. How much of your daily requirement of complex carbs are you meeting? Have you been consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals in your diet? How well are you faring on your high calorie diet goals?

While the answers to these questions may seem simple enough to begin with, they make a difference in the kind and proportion of the mass gaining supplement you consume. Whether it is the amount of protein or the supplements you already consume, choosing the right mass gainer to suit your existing diet has an important impact on the results you see.




Besides diet, everyone agrees without objection that your exercise routine can make or break your path to being the fittest version of yourself. However, while choosing and introducing a mass gainer into your regime, it is also important to consider factors such as you existing muscle mass, muscle strength, your body weight and thereby, the intensity of your workout. The more intense your workout, the higher will be your calorie requirement which will help you choose your mass gainer based on what it has to offer.

It is important to remember that this continues to hold true regardless of whether you take your supplements before or post your workout session.


Coming to the more technical details of the essentials of a mass gainer, it is important to remember that for you to get your desired results, your mass gainer must have the correct ratio of carbohydrates to proteins. However, the ratio requirements of the body are not consistent and change as you progress on your fitness journey. For Indian bodies, the commonly recommended ratio is 1:3, which helps you digest your nutrients better and build muscles and gain mass. This is why, unless your mass gainer has the adequate ratio of carbs to proteins, it will not be able to deliver the results you seek.


More sugar means a better mass gainer. This is one of the greatest myths you hear when it comes to mass gainers, especially the ones available in our country. Why? Allow us to explain..

When it comes to any supplement being high calorie, there is a very clear distinction between empty calories and actual, nutrient based calories. While all nutrients, especially the ones from sugar are essential to the body in moderation, beyond a point, they do more harm than good when consumed in excess. This is why, while choosing your mass gainer, it is important to look for an option that is high in nutrient calorie, which preferably does not contain more than six grams of added sugar, per 100 gram serving.



In an extension to the idea that your mass gainer must compliment your dietary habits, another important factor to consider while choosing a mass gainer is the nutrients it provides to the body. Whether it is high-quality nutrients like Creatine, Betaine, Glutamine and Good Quality Fats or essential digestive enzymes that are instrumental in helping you accommodate your food intake, your mass gainer supplement must be made of the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve your goal of building mass. From the correct ratio of ingredients to being packed with additional benefits from supplements such as branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) what goes into your mass gainer eventually goes into you – so a conscious choice on better ingredients and better supplements will stand you to better results in the long run.


After considering the listed factors for your mass gainer, the list you have before you, is not likely to be very long. While many would have us believe that a simple increase in the calories you consume is all that there is to building muscle mass – there is so much more to this than meets the eye. A wholesome, nutrient filled mass gainer that fits into your body type, your lifestyle and your workout routines is likely to get you the best results on your #journeytowellness.

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