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Get Fit In 5 Steps - Every Season Is Binge Season

Every season is binge season these days with the amount of temptations around us. How does one keep the calorie count? Global fitness expert Nick Orton advises five simple steps to keep a tab on the flab!

Challenge Accepted Norms A bad diet does more harm than missing out on workout. Certain bad eating habits have almost become so acceptable that we take them as a norm. Alcohol consumption, a chocolate cake with a coffee, a dessert and fast foods are consumed almost on a weekly basis. These foods should be treats, not the norm. Challenge what you have come to understand is a normal diet.

Enjoy Exercise Choose a regimen that you enjoy than blindly starting weight training or running. You will only commit to a workout if a regimen suits you and you enjoy it. Take time out to do it daily. Keep in mind that sticking to your exercise regimen does not mean you have the licence to have that extra cookie!
Enjoy Exercise

Excercise or food, avoid Yo-yos. A crash diet after a two-month binge is not a sensible approach to stay fit; neither is a sudden surge in gym activity after a few long sedentary months.

Diets An average adult needs 1,800-2,000 calories a day. Balance your meals out in such a way that you can feast without extra workout. If you are planning a feast at night then keep the morning meals light and vice versa.

Work stress Unhealthy mindset shouldn’t become acceptable at the workplace. Find time to free your mind, go for fitness activities in office and choose a healthy lifestyle. 


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