Food Choices – Do they matter?

Food Choices – Do they matter?

"Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments," is very well said by Bethenny Frankel. In today's digital-driven world, the statement makes much sense, where people go gaga over cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other investments while neglecting a truly important investment that goes a long way. Making healthy food choices is quite similar to investments that yield significant returns if thought over carefully.

Food has always been at the heart of all necessities for humankind's survival. Going back to the prehistoric era, humans ate almost everything to sustain life, which eventually led them to invent weapons and fire. Right from the very beginning, we've been eating almost everything, from uncooked potatoes to raw flesh; all that mattered is if we could digest it.

Today, there are many options out there for the type of food one wants to consume, but now with so many choices, a question arises 'Is that even good for my body?' One may like Chinese food, and the other may like Indian cuisines; each of us has our own preferences. The main concern has always been one's health, as they say, it, "health over wealth." With so many possibilities, the preference I would make is choosing healthy food. Eating veggies and fruits are my choices, and in my view, it should be your choice as well. In the current scenario, where the world is bravely fighting against Covid, the food choices matter the most. Healthy food is a way to live healthy lives. The world right now is filled with all the tasty cuisine which are so mouthwatering and tempting that you just want a bite, one more, one more and enjoy that excellent flavor and taste to last for eternity. Even I was the once or still I am, but controlling one's diet and those urges is fundamental. There are various benefits of eating healthy food like not only it is good for your health, but according to a study in 2016, researchers found that food with a low amount of glycemic load leads to a good mood by restraining depression and fatigue, which are caused by the intake of high glycemic load. Moreover, healthy food, i.e., vegetables, fruits, beans, are known because of their low calories, which aids in weight loss and restrain the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, lower bone density, and cancer. Maintaining a moderate weight is something I have always aimed for, and that has been possible because of a proper healthy diet consisting of a

lot of vegetables, pulses, fruits, and beans. Moreover, it is also responsible for improved memory, strong bones, and strong teeth.

Choosing fast/junk food

For me, It would be an offense to say no to an excellent white sauce pasta or that steaming hot plate of momos, growing in a generation where fast food has become more of a trend. Not only a trend, but it tastes even better than it looks; however, eating it daily or three-four days a week is still unhealthy. So what should you do? This question can be answered in a really simple way; not making it a routine is one, and another one could be eating it by adding a lot of nutritional elements to it. Adding veggies to your dish would not make it a completely healthy meal but would compensate a little for lost proteins and nutrients. Eating junk food once a week has been my kind of a thing or, like everyone calls it, "cheat day." So cheat a little but make good food choices because it matters.

Junk Food

Guest Article BY: 

Yogita Anjana
Food Tech. & Nutrition Expert 

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