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Detoxification: Not a Fad But Need of the Hour!!

Are you leading a toxic life? Just kicking your ex out won’t really help. In this modern era that we live in, everything (including your ex) can be toxic in some way or the other. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the products you use, are loaded with toxic chemicals which can be extremely detrimental to your health. Think of your body as a machine and the toxins as rust. If a machine gets rusted, it fails to function smoothly which can lead to the breakdown of the machinery in the long run if not treated. In the same way your body needs to protect itself from toxins and detoxify regularly in order to function smoothly. A major contributor in the process of detoxification is your gut and your food intake. Probiotics enhance the process of nutrient absorption while a healthy gut flora has been shown to enhance healing when paired with detoxification. Osoaa’s Daily Multivitamin has added probiotics for digestive and gut health. It has Grape Seed Extract and Selenium which are super antioxidants and protects the body from cancer, heart and other diseases.

As you may know, the liver is the detoxifier of the body and when it gets overwhelmed with toxins it cannot function properly.  Once that happens, the liver starts storing these toxins in the form of fat and so losing weight gets difficult in a toxic body. Osoaa’s Diabetic Care capsules will help you detoxify your body effectively. It helps in liver detox, blood cleansing, facilitates digestion, helps weight management, etc. And it is hundred percent herbal with no side effects of any sort.

With the ever-new waves of COVID-19 lashing up at the shores and the ever-increasing pollution in every Indian city, you’ll see words like ‘Detox’, ‘Detoxify’, ‘Detoxification’, ‘Anti-oxidants’ in all newspaper, magazine or product. Detoxification has become the need of the hour and in fact has transformed into more of a trend than a need. People are not realizing that you need to detox your body because it’s essential and not because it’s ‘cool’ to do so. You cannot detox only by drinking juices. It is essential that the toxins residing in your body decide to leave especially in times of COVID-19 when immunity of a person is of utmost importance. You must have heard or must have yourself been drinking ‘kaada’ to detoxify your body when COVID-19 had reached its peak. There are advertisements on T.V. endorsed by celebrities that recommend you products to detoxify your body. However, most products that you see with these words on it contain a variety of chemicals added to them. Using such products may initially make you feel good and detoxed but can be harmful to the body in the long run. Osoaa uses 100% herbal products which do not have any side effects and will not prove to be detrimental for your health. They are manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility using the safest herbal standardized extracts for sustainable results.  So maybe get this machine serviced from time to time so that it runs longer and effortlessly? If a machine breaks down, there’s an option of getting a new one. But when it comes to your machine, your only true companion, you only have one. This is what makes it all the more precious and you must take extreme care of it.

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