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Bodybuilding Myths and Truths

Food, Nutrition, and Bodybuilding: the three topics within which myths have been prevalent for a while. People believe all kinds of things without knowing the rationale or scientific explanation behind them. It’s due to this tendency of individuals that tons of others get away with spreading these myths. Gym-goers and idle people who think they know everything fabricate these myths and it soon spreads like wildfire. It’s best that you simply don’t believe any such things and do your own research if you hear a myth or want to understand about something. Myths that cause frustration, and wasted time, if are taken blindly as truth, can really set back your progress in the gym. Do not believe everything you hear when it involves exercise and weight gain. Read on to understand the facts behind the myths you’ve been believing all this point.

  • Cut fat while building muscles
  • People are believing this absolute nonsensical thing for a while and they got to know that cutting fat and building muscles, both of these things require two very different types of dieting and training to attain the best results. Building muscles is usually referred to as a bulking phase because it requires more caloric intake than there's burning of calories. Whereas cutting fat requires you to burn more fat than you’re consuming. This is often why some of the most famous bodybuilders undergo these phases separately. There’s no doubt that it requires dedication, patience and diligence. It’s not always fun to see the fat increasing when you eat to gain muscle, but it’s an unavoidable thing to get the work done correctly. 

  • Eating an excessive amount of sugar causes diabetes
  • This is completely untrue. Eating an excessive amount of sugar doesn’t put you at a risk for diabetes but eating too much sugar however, can put you at a risk of type-2 diabetes. the best way to reduce your risk is by watching your weight. As for type 1 diabetes, there's no way that sugar, or anything in your diet may be a cause, because this sort of diabetes only happens when insulin-producing cells are destroyed by your system. 

  • Big muscles are strong muscles
  • There’s an enormous difference between training your muscles to be big than training your muscles to be strong. For physique athletes, shape and size are more important than the strength. However, for athletes, strength for optimum effort is most vital. 


  • If you aren’t sore the next day, the workout wasn’t effective enough
  • Soreness is inflammation and therefore the chemical response to inflammation. The sole parameter by which you would like to live your progress is that of your goal. Judging your advancement by a absolute threshold is wrong—you do not have to have soreness to gain strength or muscle size.

  •  Creatine causes massive weight gain
  • Creatine is of course found in your body. Creatine's primary use is as an energy source. The rationale for the weight-gain myth is that the majority people combine a creatine supplement with carbs and other bulking food. 

  •  Vegetarians can’t build muscles
  • Of course, they can! just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean that you simply can’t build muscles. Strength training alongside the supplementation of Whey Protein Isolate has shown to increase solid bodyweight. Proteins are made from amino acids and even plant-based proteins have them apart from a select few. To get all proteins, an individual must get all the amino acids and for that they'll need to turn to different sources of protein. But that doesn’t mean that they’d need to be non-vegetarian for that or that they can’t build muscles.

  •  You can eat anything if you work out daily.
  • When it involves bodybuilding, a controlled and proper diet is of the essence. Tons of individuals have this notion that if they’re working out, they can eat whatever they want. This misconception arises from the very fact that if you'll burn all the calories you intake, then you'll consume whatever you want. But this is often not true. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. If you would like a fit and lean body, you need to take a proper balanced diet so that your body and muscles can recover. There should be a balanced intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers in your diet.

  •  BCAAs are the same as protein 
  • Protein may be a complex of several amino acids linked together. On the other hand, BCAAs are open chain amino acids: L-leucine, iso-leucine and L-valine. These three amino acids are the most abundant type in muscle tissue. If you're taking BCAAs supplement before and after you work out, you protect your muscles from breakdown. However, BCAAs release insulin, which makes them anabolic a bit like carbs. Because they act like carbs, it's probably best to not take them before a low-intensity cardio workout—especially if you're trying to burn that last pound or two of body fat. 

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    Is protein only beneficial for gym enthusiasts?

    It’s an entire myth that only people that attend the gym require protein and benefit from it. Do people that don’t work out not need proteins in their bodies? Proteins are the main building blocks of the human body. They’re used to make various important things, including tendons, organs and skin, also as hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and various molecules. Hence, everyone needs protein may they be of any age. From old people to little children, everyone requires proteins in their diet. Even if you don’t wish to build lean body muscles or aren't a gym enthusiast, your body still requires certain quantity of protein which it doesn’t get from your daily meals. Osoaa Whey Protein is of superior quality and no digestive enzymes are required to digest it. We assure you no acid reflux or stomach discomfort will happen. It provides you with the flexibility of selecting the flavour of choice and is right for the entire family’s protein requirement. 

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