A Healthy Immune System Equals A Healthy Body

A Healthy Immune System Equals A Healthy Body

During the pandemic everyone was searching for ways to strengthen their immune system, especially those who were infected by Covid-19. The immune system, is similar to the Army, a complex network of units that work together to combat intruders, such as bacteria, viruses, and other "enemy."

Healthy ways on Boosting Immunity :

1. Having a Balanced Diet –

A well-balanced diet has a direct influence on immune system by meeting energy requirements and also at the same time by strengthening it. A deficiency of vitamin D can make the skin more vulnerable to microbes and susceptible to respiratory infections. Deficiency of iron and zinc can impair the functioning of WBCs. Sometimes our diet doesn’t meet all the micronutrient needs by taking multivitamin supplements might facilitate in assisting substantial health benefit.

Things to do:

  • Eat green and leafy veggies which are good source of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
  • Start consuming fruits rich in Vit C to strengthen your immune system.
  • Include multivitamins supplements in the diet. 

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2. Reducing Stress –

Do you know that when a person is stressed, the immune system's ability to combat antigens is reduced? Corticosteroids, a stress hormone, can significantly decrease the effectiveness of the immune system. Increased cortisol rates start reducing WBC's and inflammation.

Things to do:

  • Regularly take time off from work to charge up yourself.
  • Relax a bit by using yoga, breathing exercises, or meditation.
  • Talk to your trusted friend or therapist about your stress and seek solutions.

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3. Decoding the secret of Protein –

The only things we are well verse about proteins is that it repairs tissue but do you know it also serves another vital function in the body? Protein is essential for fueling body's T-cells, absence of which can lead to increase infection. It exists to serve another crucial role in the body to boosts immune system, supplying the cells needed to fight infection and promotes bone growth. Consuming enough protein for our body to perform optimally is necessary to tackle infections and diseases. It can be difficult to obtain a sufficient quantity of complete, high-quality protein solely from diet.

Things to do:

  • Include egg, dairy products, meat, beans, fish and soy in the diet.
  • Include intake of almonds in the morning.
  • Protein supplements can also be beneficial.
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