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7 Signs Your Body Needs More Protein

Your body always finds a way to tell you when you aren’t consuming enough of something. But what makes the difference is, are you listening?
Did you know that Proteins- the body’s building block and repair agent, needs to be consumed at about 1 gram protein per kilogram of a person’s weight. However, Indians tend to consume excess fat and starch but less protein. In fact, about 73 percent of urban rich Indians are protein deficient with 93 percent of them unaware about their daily protein requirements. Lucky for you, our body tends to tell us when we aren’t consuming enough proteins as a part of our daily diet. 

Here are some common signs, the human body’s way of telling you that it needs more protein 

  1. You are struggling to lose weight
    You have been exercising and following your diet dedicatedly but you still don’t see any difference. This may be due to low protein levels in your body since proteins ensure you lose fat, not muscle, and boost your body’s metabolism.
    You are struggling to lose weight
  2. You feel drained out and hungry all the time
    Proteins are what keep you going through the day because they take longer to digest, making you feel full and energized. Kick-start your day with a high protein breakfast or simply add whey protein to your diet in breakfast smoothies, cereals, fruit bowls, desserts, baked dishes or shakes for an active day. 
  3. You are getting sick too much
    Proteins play a big role in how well your immune system functions, so you’ve been falling sick way too often recently or are having trouble getting rid of the running nose, you might need to up your protein intake. Without the amino acids being found in protein-rich foods, the body can't create the protein it needs in general, much less the protein-packed antibodies that keep infections at bay.
  4. You are experiencing hair fall 
    Run your hands through your hair to see how much falls out with just a gentle tug. If the body is deprived of protein, it tries to conserve protein levels by shifting the hair growth into a “resting phase”, making you shed more hair than usual.
    Hair Fall
  5. Your wounds heal really slowly
    Our body needs a daily minimum quantity of protein to be able to heal wounds and injuries. So, if you’ve been experiencing a longer than usual healing period for severe or even smaller wounds and injuries, it might be due to a protein deficiency.
  6. Your skin is getting drier than usual
    Protein is responsible for maintaining collagen in your skin that keeps your skin hydrated, supple and prevents early ageing. Lack of adequate protein levels can make your skin dry and also result in conditions like dermatitis, giving you dry scaly patches on your body skin.
  7. You crave carbs and sugar even on a full stomach
    Not having an appropriate meal can result in experiencing strong sugar cravings, even within an hour of eating. Sugar and carbs tend to spike blood sugar levels, leaving you craving for more to feel active and energized. Foods rich in protein can help curb untimely cravings, leaving you feeling fuller for a longer time.
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